Wallcover, the revolution for your walls

In the contract world, visual impact is very important. If you are the owner of a shop, hotel, shop or restaurant, you should aim to be remembered by your customers and create different and exclusive atmospheres.

Wallcover is one of the great novelties of Comersan. Panels and murals in XL format that dress up your walls, bringing a completely new look to your decoration. 

The advantages of choosing Wallcover 

In addition to their different designs, our panels have some very important advantages that you should be aware of: 

  • Fire retardant. The panels are designed for communal areas and contract projects, so safety is essential. They comply with the EN-13501-1: B-s1,d0 standard.

  • Easy to clean. The material is very easy to clean, so it can be used in restaurants and walkways. Minimal maintenance.

  • High resistance for years and years as good as new. In addition, their high adhesion ensures that they always look as good as the first day. 

How do you install Wallcover on your walls? 

Our panels are installed from top to bottom and, thanks to their identical design, they fit together easily, resulting in less waste. 

The panels are manufactured in various heights in order to adapt to a wide variety of spaces.

Specifically, you can find heights of 250 cm, 300 cm and 350 cm (for orders of more than one hundred square metres, we can customise the height). On the subject of widths, there are also different sizes depending on the type of material: 55/65 cm or 110/130 cm. 

Are all materials the same? 

Although we are going to dedicate a whole post to the types of cladding, as we know it is important to analyse each model, we are going to briefly describe them. 

There are different textures, from textile ones like Wallsan to stone effect ones like Stonecover. Then, they change in the way they are applied, from papers that only need water to be applied, to self-adhesive vinyls or coverings that require adhesive glue.