Geometric patterns are characterised by their closed patterns in both drawing and colour. This continuation makes us feel at ease and very relaxed in any space decorated with them. For this reason, the Geometric collections, which we are going to present to you one by one, are always the most sought after in hotels and businesses.

Of course, not only do they generate well-being and harmony, but they also allow us to play with the whole roulette of colour in the same environment, sometimes looking for tones that match perfectly and at other times being used as a counterpoint.

If we are talking about geometric and contract, these are the collections that you have to follow closely...

Bremen and Memphis, contrasts

The Bremen and Memphis collections Memphis collections, it is not only the strong colours that are able to give life to any project that come to the fore. In both collections the resistance of the fabric makes them perfect for curtains as well as for upholstery and cushions.

Although all Contract and hotel projects are custom designed and manufactured, here are some images of both collections.

Liberty, the geometric Art Deco

One of the latest collections and to which we dedicate a full post by clicking here. Very elegant tones and prints that take us straight back to the happy twenties and the art deco movement. In a short time it has positioned itself as a benchmark in the world of design and more and more establishments are opting for its resistance and elegance.

All fabrics are easy to clean, making them perfect for use in high traffic areas such as halls, hotel entrances or restaurants.

Foster's favourite in hotels

The Foster collection is made up of a wide range of possibilities and colours. From plaids, to designs in very soft tones that work great in any project. In fact, it is a collection that by itself can decorate any hotel or business.

At the same time the fabrics are very resistant, easy to clean and have a fire retardant action, this is why they are always in demand in upholstery, cushions and plaid. Here are some photos, remember, you can write to us and we will sit down to work on your project from scratch.


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